Elder Tanner Plummer

Elder Tanner Plummer

Thursday, October 22, 2015

All Zone Conference was super fun and very organized!!

Enjoying dinner at zone conference

Armies of the Ventura Mission

Called to serve!!

Sister Lambert, in the far right was in my Mtc district - Cleanest car Award, I hope Grandpa Plummer is proud of me!

Fun tie exchange, I'm in the back

Thanks mom, you're a blessing in my life as well! so in Zone Conference we learned how to use the Book of Mormon more effectively! It was cool and President and sister Felix wanted us to read the Book of Mormon every day for the rest of our lives! so far I've been doing it! Also, they talked dental hygene, the first counselor of the mission is a dentist and he gave us all toothpaste and dental floss. I've been using it! And the certificate is for the cleanest car and we won it! And they found that we had some oatmeal in our extra tire compartment but they gave it to us anyway! It was pretty funny! Also, in that picture the sister in the far right (Sister Lambert) was in my Mtc district so, it was cool to see her again! Mom, don't get any ideas! Haha!

Well, I love you mom

Elder Plummer

Monday, September 7, 2015

Great week in Oxnard 1st Ward

Flashback to my great MTC experience

With the wonderful Resendiz Family 

Hi Mom!

My week went pretty well and Elder Routledge and I are getting along just fine. He wants to be a fireman after the mission and so last P-Day we went to go visit a lot of fire stations. It was cool. And the work has gone a little better, we're meeting with a lot of less-actives and a few have come to church so that's always good!

Haha yeah that picture is bringing me flash backs! Aaron and Charles really look like Ashton and I at that age! Looks like you had a good reunion! So this last week we've been eating with members and they've fed us a lot of food. This one family the Rodriguez took us out to eat, Elder Routledge and I have started running every morning to keep our weight down. I've really enjoyed It!! And I'm not cooking because I've realized the food I bought isn't the healthiest stuff so today we are going to an health food store. Should be good.

Love You Mom and Happy Labor Day!

P.S I'll email you some more today!

Elder Plummer

Monday, August 31, 2015

Tender mercies from The Lord - August 31, 2015

Enjoying Ice Cream with my great companion, Elder Routledge

Beautiful California Palm Trees 
Our new apartment 

My first trainer, Elder Hurst 

Dear family,

This last week went MUCH better! I got my follow-up trainer Elder Routledge and he's really nice! We've gotten along pretty well! And our new District Leader is Elder Payne, he's from Illinois and I can tell that he's been out for a while.

We taught Amador again and addressed a few of his concerns again, what we plan to do is that we're going to teach all the lessons again. We saw Leilo again, she was doing good and we're setting up time for her to see the Bishop about her concerns with Tithing and Green Tea. And we met with Bishop Mince and I introduced Elder Routledge and we had a pretty good talk, our main goal is fellowshipping less actives and helping them come back to church. Also, we plan to make the ward a more missionary-minded ward. And we met with our ward mission leader Bro. Ybanez again just to get him updated with what we're doing.

Yesterday, Bro. Ybanez, Elder Routledge and I gave talks on missionary work. I felt that we all did pretty well and the spirit was really strong. And it was interesting for the rest of the Church members were referring to our talks and it seemed they enjoyed and really want to do missionary work. I have a good feeling that the members will work with us a lot more.

So, yeah its been great! We have a system, and this is how it works:

1) Well, what we actually do is we drop by and visit the less-actives and share a spiritual message at the end. And invite them to church.

2) If all of our set appointments fall through, we have other people as a back-up plan that we can go visit. And if this doesn't work, then we start knocking on doors. I went door-to-door on two occasions and at first it was nerve-wracking, but eventually I got the hang of it. In my mind when I go to a door, I always remind myself (this are people too, they're not gonna kill you. If anything they could be an investigator and a new friend) :)

3) It varies. If I'm giving a talk this Sunday (like last week) I write the talk. If the District Leader assigns you to lead a role-play (we call them ed-peps) then we prepare for that. But I've been going through the missionary library and as you already know, I'm reading Our Search For Happiness. I've learned a lot.

I'm so glad that I've come on a mission! I've seen the blessings in my life and my faith has grown stronger.

Thanks for you questions and keep asking more! :)

Love You,

Elder Plummer

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Transfer Day, August 25, 2015 - My new companion is Elder Routledge from Canada

Elder Routledge and I 

Sister Ibanez's son helping the elders in Oxnard on Wed, Aug.26

Preparation Day Fun - August 10 - 2015

At a Cowboys Game on P-Day, so fun!!!
Cowboys Game!! 

First companion in the field, Elder Hurst from Santaquin, Utah, an awesome trainer - Oxnard 1st Ward July 14, 2015 till ......

President and Sister Felix

Elder Hurst and I at a Cowboys Practice

Service Project

Elder Hurst and I
The cutest kids in Oxnard 1st Ward

Our awesome district

At a member's house for dinner and smores for dessert
Hi Mom
This last week for flew by! So I went on two exchanges, one with a Zone Leader (Elder Young from South Jordan) and another with our district leader (Elder Deem from North Dakota). Both were great! I had a lot fun with both of them and we got to be really close to the beach but we're not really allowed because the girls aren't dressed modestly. Also last week we ate dinner at a members house, his name is Bro. Tuitama and he's a great guy! And afterwards he had a fire pit their and we roasted marshmellows and hot dogs, it was awesome and Elder Hurst got to burn his old pants to signify his year and a half being on a mission. So what we do in the field is we burn different sets of clothing signifying how long we've out on a mission. So if we've been out 6 months we burn a pair of socks, a year we burn a shirt, a year and half slacks, and for two years a suit. It's pretty cool and I can't wait to burn some socks in about 6 months! We've continued to meet with a lot of Less Actives yesterday Amador and John (two of our investigators) both came to church!!! It was great Amador sat with us while John sat outside because he felt that it was disrespectful for him to go into the chapel wearing shorts and a sweatshirt. After Sacrament meeting John left so he could find some food because he was starving. And Amador stayed for the second hour and then he left. I feel that Amador is ready to be baptized but it's just that he's still skeptical about the church because he'd been in some anti, but if he doesn't progress this week and he doesn't come to church we might be dropping him. So far it's been a great three weeks here in the field and I've learned a lot during my time here! The people are great and the weather is great too!

I hope everything's going good back home and I love you all!

Elder Plummer

Dinner at members house - I spoke in church for the first time in the Oxnard 1st Ward

Ready to go serve and MTC farewell!! June, and July 1 - 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Elder Plummer being setting apart as a missionary on June 30, 2015

Tanner being ordained an Elder, May 31, 2015

Plummers and Cooks

Setting apart by the stake, Brother Olsen
The Family, Cooks, Plummers, Larsens

Tanner entering the Mount Timpanogos Temple, June 11, 2015

This was a very special day!!!

Elder Tanner Plummer arrives in Ventura California on July 13, 2015

Elder Hurst from Santaquin, Utah - My first companion in the field

Jumping activity at park by the beach in Goleta, CA

I am part of these 11 new missionaries arriving today.

More jumping activities

Great trip tips, typical of this area

My first picture in California


Writing activity